Common Q&A
  • What advantages should I expect when I become a Utravel member?

    The Utravel group has put together a variety of products in the technology and service fields that will allow you to obtain advanced selling capabilities. As a member of Utravel you will be able to enjoy exclusive preferential agreements, innovative technologies, global connections, professional guidance and strategic consultation.

  • What services would I sell in order to receive commissions based on Utravel's agreements?

    Based upon agreements we have reached with the top suppliers in the country, you will be able to receive commissions when selling services that relate to domestic tourism, hotels, car rentals, travel insurance, cruises, air tickets (both scheduled and charter), vacation packages and more.

  • Am I maintaining my status as an independent travel agency?

    Yes. Utravel’s sole intention is to help you grow your business, by allowing you to utilize a variety of innovative products and services that will increase your selling capabilities.

  • Is it possible to sell additional products that are not included in Utravel's agreements?

    Even though Utravel has agreements with most suppliers in the industry, your status as an independent travel agency gives you the freedom to sell products from other suppliers.

  • Can I expect to receive the best agreements?

    As Utravel reaches preferential agreements with suppliers, all members of the Utravel group will be able to enjoy their incredible advantages. From the moment you join, we will notify the suppliers that you too are eligible to benefit from these agreements.

  • How are payments to suppliers carried out?

    Payment issues will be settled directly with suppliers, as Utravel is not involved in this aspect.

  • Which technologies are provided to Utravel members?

    Utravel members will enjoy crucial intranet technologies which include an exclusive reservation & booking system, an agency portal and personalized websites. In addition, the group is consistently active in providing its members with new and advanced technologies, such as office management systems, GDS systems, LDS systems and more, all at the most competitive prices.