The Utravel Group is a travel consortium based in Israel, associated with over 200 agencies that specialize in the business and private consumer sectors.

Although outbound tourism is the center of activity of all the associated agencies under the Utravel network, an accelerated and consistent growth is felt in domestic tourism, inbound tourism and all the FIT services, in Israel and around the world.

Utravel’s associated agencies operate in two major categories: offices with IATA licenses which are permitted to market scheduled air tickets, and NON IATA offices which specialize primarily in vacation package products.

Utravel has a wide array of agreements with most of the leading suppliers and wholesale vendors in Israel and around the world, a fact that allows the group to provide its members with the precise products, services and benefits they need.

Utravel operates according to high professional criteria and is meticulous about full business transparency and business ethics in all marketing channels in which it is involved.

Utravel and its subsidiary, TCT, constantly work to sharpen the competitive edge of its associates by providing them with a diverse mix of business advantages. Innovative technologies, exclusive agreements, global collaborations, strategic consultation and professional guidance are just some of the services Utravel members can enjoy.

Utravel is the leading travel network for a number of reasons: its size, its reach, its business model and its long-term strategy which focuses on the following topics:

  • Profitability - Utravel aims to boost the profitability of its members by consistently reaching preferential agreements with leading suppliers.
  • Marketing & Sales - Utravel greatly involves itself in business measures that require high volumes of activity.
  • Information, Research and Surveys - Utravel has established a computerized knowledge base that analyzes tourism tendencies in Israel and around the world – a tool that offers unparallel benefits for travel agents.
  • Strategic Outlook - Utravel has strategic collaborations with tourism-based organizations and financial institutions in Israel and around the world.
  • Business Leverage - Utravel continues to penetrate new and emerging markets, and implements the most advanced technologies.