Since the travel industry is experiencing immense competition nowadays, your travel agents must be equipped with the proper capabilities.

Associating your business with a big, successful corporation will give your agents the power to utilize effective marketing tools in order to retain existing clients, draw in new ones and become an attractive sales alternative.

Independence in managing your travel agency

While enjoying the many advantages possible by joining Utravel, your business’ status as an independent travel agency will be maintained.

Flexibility in supplier selection

As a Utravel member, you will be eligible to access a large quantity of suppliers and wholesale vendors. By doing so, you will be able to capitalize on new business opportunities with absolutely no requirement to reach a specific sales quota.

Preferential agreements and increased commissions

Utravel will help your agency boost profitability, decrease your overall operational expenses and allow you to have better capabilities when negotiating with suppliers in Israel and around the world. Utravel constantly strives to upgrade existing agreements, and does whatever is in its power to attain the most attractive and exclusive deals for its members.

Advanced Technologies

Much time and resources were invested in order to guarantee that Utravel members have access to the most advanced technologies. Members will have exclusive access to flight & hotel booking systems, management systems and sophisticated internal networking tools.

Association with a professional and recognized network

Utravel gives you a chance to grow in the travel industry and become a highly competitive business. As a member, you will be able to participate in relevant seminars about managing and promoting your travel agency. In addition, you will enjoy quick, personal and professional guidance that will address your travel agency’s many needs.